Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera - Gabriel García Márquez, Edith Grossman it’s not a love story at all. It’s a story about an obsession and lust disguised as love.

in short, Florentino Ariza *falls in love* with Fermina Daza (from a distance), they exchange some letters and dried flowers, Fermina suddenly breaks away and marries a promising young doctor and they are happy. Florentino proceeds to have countless affairs (including a teenager while he was in his seventies !!! the girl was 14 years old !!!!!!! and he was meant to be the guardian of and who kills herself because of him, "this is really creppy and fucked up!!") while continuing to have a crazy obsession for Fermina. Fifty years later, her husband dies. Florentino shows up to tell her that he still Loves her, she rejects him, after a couple of years she falls for him, they runaway together and he is happy. The end

I did not find Florentino Ariza's lifelong devotion to Fermina Daza to be romantic at all, it was pathetic. I found all of major characters unlikable but i hated Florentino the most, a total creep!
and the book excused too much horrible behaviour all in the name of "love.", it annoyed and irritated me!