The Waves

The Waves - Virginia Woolf The events are told through six different characters,Bernard, Louis, Neville, Susan, Jinny and Rhoda, who know and interact with each other throughout their lives.

my favourite out of the six was Bernard, who is thoughtful and humble, always telling stories, always trying to cheer up everyone else and making connections with random strangers.
Neville is sensitive, delicate and tends to focus on beauty, traits which leads him to become a successful poet.
Louis, an outsider, always carrying his feelings of inferiority, but manages to be a successful businessman.
Jinny, obsessed with her physical beauty, lives most in her body, she is less interested in the philosophical spiritual life compared with the others and more interested in social issues.
Rhoda, an introverted, timid, anti-social person, she lives mostly in her own imagination than real life.
Susan, a nature outdoors lover, she makes a family, have kids and throw herself entirely into mothering.

The Waves is divided into nine sections, each describes a phase in the lives of the characters.
The first is about their childhood and their experiences at school.
The second deals with their adolescence years, The girls and boys go to separate schools.
The third is about their young adulthood years, the characters start to reflect on their lives.
In The fourth section, the characters meet again and gather for a dinner party, they soon part ways.
in Fifth section, the characters learning of the death of a mutual friend, Percival, they are all devastated by the news but it touches Neville the most, for he was in love with him.
in The sixth section, the characters are adults who have begun to settle into their own lives.
In the Seventh, the characters are middle-aged and continue to reflect on their lives.
In the Eighth section, the friends reconnect again after a long time have passed.
The Ninth section which told through Bernard is about the lessons that have been learned throughout the lives of the characters. ♥

It was really interesting! the style is unique and that’s what makes Virginia Woolf special from among other writers! ♥